Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy department is lead by Curt Kaun, MSPT, MS, CSCS, CWcHP, CPT-NSCA, CKTP. Curt is a Licensed Physical Therapist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. At our new and improved location in Unit 4, Curt provides the following services:

  • Chiropractor YorkvilleOrthopedic Physical Therapy
    Reimagine your alignment from bottom to top by starting with your orthopedic health. If you have been injured or have sustained repetitive strain on your feet or legs, you may want to begin here to retrain your gait and redistribute your weight healthily.
  • Auto Accident Care
    Regardless of the impact and effects of your accident, there’s an array of treatments and exercises you can do, with the guidance of Curt Kaun, to restore your health and strength.
  • Geriatric Care
    As we age, our bodies change. Weaknesses happen and these leave us prone to injury. Maintain your flexibility and strength by working with Curt Kaun.
  • Athletic Training & Sports Medicine
    Don’t let your peak performance slide. Condition your body and prevent injury or deterioration by working with a physiological and kinesiological expert. If you have been injured on the field or court, don’t fret! Working with Curt Kaun to restore muscle functionality, alignment, and strength will have you back in the game in no time, without further susceptibility.
  • Spine Care
    Your spine is your lifeline. Unfortunately, our careers and lives limit our ability to move freely and condition our spines for prolonged use. With age and wear, our spines become compressed, misaligned, and weak. Working alongside physical therapists, such as Curt Kaun, can ensure that your spine is aligned, strong, and supple.
  • Complimentary Injury Evaluations
    If you have been injured, you can come and consult with Curt Kaun to see what we can do for you and what potential impact your injury has had on the body. You may not realize it, but an injury to your foot may be damaging your hip or lumbar spine more than you can feel or see just yet. Or, perhaps you’ve injured your shoulder. Even if your shoulder is starting to feel okay, you may be experiencing damage to the nerves in your neck, chest, or arm as a result – and you may not know it! It is important to get a full evaluation to know what needs to be done.

We encourage you to call our office if any of these services sound pertinent to your condition or needs. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the treatments and exercises you may be privy to throughout the course of care with Curt Kaun. When you are ready to schedule, we can guarantee an appointment time within 48 hours of your call. It is important to us that those who have been injured or who have a condition which is limiting to their mobility and quality of life are treated promptly so that wellness can be restored. You deserve relief. Call (630) 553-7737 today to begin your journey toward strength, wellness, and restoration. For physical therapy Yorkville residents turn to Priority Health!