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Breast Thermography

$249 Breast Thermography

$375 Half-Body Thermography$499 Full-Body Thermography


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What is Thermography and How Does it Work?

thermography Thermography, also known as thermal imaging, is a way of taking a picture of a particular region by utilizing a specialized camera that can measure the temperature of the skin. Even more in detail, thermography is the study of how heat is being distributed in structures or regions by assessing how temperature patterns are forming. By utilizing thermography, specialists are at the frontline of early detection in some breast cancers, tumors, conditions and/or abnormalities. While very popular and effective as mentioned above in detecting early on stages of breast cancer, thermography is not only utilized in the chest region of the body. It can be used as a Whole-Body Analysis in determining surface heat temperatures and patterns than can be assessed by a physician specializing in reading these images. Similar to other\ key instruments used by physicians such as a thermometer, stethoscope or any other medical tests or tools routinely used, when utilized it helps paint a big picture of the patient and what’s happening with the body and its vital functions. The way a thermal camera produces its pictures is quite complicated but simply put, our bodies put out a certain amount of infrared radiation. The thermal camera takes that radiation and reads it through a special sensor and through specific calibrations translates it into a picture that shows various colors indicating different temperatures in the body. The camera used by a thermographic specialist and how that camera is calibrated is key in medical thermography.

Who Interprets the Thermographic Images Once They Are Ready?
Breast ThermographyThis system has, at its foundation, a core of thermographic interpreters that have completed technically advanced training and have years of experience. Our most senior interpreters have between 25 and 40 years of experience in thermography in the medical field. Each image that is captured is analyzed by 3 separate tiers of interpreters ranging in degrees of expertise, which means we have both longevity and cutting-edge training at our finger tips. Our level 3 interpreters have achieved the highest level of training possible, in the world, and are PACT certified.
How Do I Receive My Results?
Once you have taken the images and the interpretation process has been completed, you will be sent a notification that your report is ready. The results are either sent via a secure email OR you have the option of having this report sent to your doctor of choice. As another option, you can utilize one of our consulting doctors, which we have available to you for convenience.

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