“Dr Ryan and Dr Paula and all of the staff at Priority Health treat their patients with...” (more) kindness and respect. The care that is given is exceptional!” — Stacy, 2 weeks ago

Detoxifying Body Wrap

$49 Detoxifying Body Wrap

For any first time clients, we are offering a $49 Detoxifying Body Wrap. If you’re looking to lose inches and cleanse your body, let us know and we’ll get you scheduled!


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Weight Loss

At Priority Health Chiropractic, we strive on improving the quality of life of every single patient that visits our offices. We understand that gaining weight can not only start from unhealthy habits, but it can also rise from stress, lack of exercise, and severe cases depression and other mental illness. It has been proven that visiting a chiropractor can help with weight loss, because of it’s holistic approach and speeds up healing process. Chiropractic care can help with weight loss by reducing stress-eating habits, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and overall improves self-confidence. It is our mission to help patients make positive changes in their lifestyle at our chiropractic office in Yorkville. We focus on weight loss for patients who are seeking for an overall diet change. Schedule an appointment today to start your health journey with our leading experts!

We use techniques that will create solutions to help you reach your health goals in a creative way. Our team of chiropractors and specialists understand that everyone’s body is different, which is why we tailor each treatment plan according to the patients health needs. Every treatment care is specially designed for each patient and their body type. We are a proud to supply Chirothin that helps patient!

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